From 2018-2019, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation developed the FDR Park Master Plan, a $255 million dollar transformation of the city’s historic FDR Park. According to the official narrative, thousands of community members were engaged through surveys, public meetings, and stakeholder interviews. Yet the process lacked transparency, was completed before the COVID-19 Pandemic, which radically shifted our relationship to public space, and is at odds with resident priorities.

The FDR Park Master Plan is “a shared vision for our future”.

Whose future?

What is PP4FDR?

We are pushing for a more participatory community engagement process, facilitated by local organizations, to create a People's Plan for FDR Park that reflects the current needs and interests of South Philly communities, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the face of a changing climate.

Save the Meadows

In 2019, after the closing of the FDR Park golf course, a long dormant ecosystem sprung to life, now recognized by the community for its ecological value, from forageable plants for food and medicine to regenerated habitat for over 200 species of birds and other wildlife. The Master Plan will destroy this vital green space and biodiverse ecosystem and replace it with privately controlled artificial turf fields.

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